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Amateur Photographer? You need these 7 things NOW

(This post contains affiliate links but of things I genuinely like)

OK, maybe not right away, but you have your camera (check) and a computer to edit on (if not get yourself to the local library pronto). Now all you need are those additional items that are going to make your life just that little bit easier. That is why I have compiled the top 7 things every amateur photographer needs right now! Take a look below and click on the images to get a closer look at the products. Also let me know in the comments what you think should be added to this list!:

1. A decent SD card We've all been there; trying to copy photos onto our laptops at 1 am, with our eyes squinting away the glare from the screen, watching the files drag themselves onto the desktop. Save yourself the aggro and get a decent SD card that can get the job done quickly, like this utter BARGAIN currently at only £5.89.

2. Some super padded lens cases for your lens babies

It might just be me but when I buy a new lens, I carry it around the same way you would a newborn. Or a grenade. These super handy cases would be great for someone like myself who a) isn't organised enough to carry around a photography backpack and b) may need to pack my equipment in with house keys, nappies and my daughter's bottle.

3. Collapsible reflectors for the studio and on the go;

I plan on doing a lot of portraiture on the beach so these will be particularly useful!

4. These clamps that you never knew you needed;

So they're not the most exciting purchase in the world, but after failing at creating my own backdrops a thousand times over and weighing down sheets with books or the closest rock I can say without a doubt that these would be extremely useful.

5. This cool orby crystal ball thing;

I've seen these everywhere and the end results always look great. This is more of a fun purchase and definitely not a necessity, but if you're currently in the process of trying to get someone interested in photography, these would be a good thing to start with as you can easily capture some pretty impressive images.

6. Storage storage storage

After being burgled in my early twenties and losing over six years worth of files I can not express enough that you need to back up your images! This hard drive below also comes with two free months of editing software:

7. Last but not least; a fun flash

Usually the recommendation would be to buy yourself a half decent flash gun and get practicing, but seeing as I already have one of those the next step for me would be to start playing around with a ring flash. This one below is super affordable and for something I just want to try out, this would suit perfectly. You can also get a starter flash gun for around the same price if you shop savvy enough!

That's all I have for now and like most of you I'm still waiting for payday, but let me know of anything you think I've missed out! Now i'm going to have a coffee and keep adding to my wish list...

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