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20 things I’ve learnt in my 20’s

I’m currently laying in the bath and contemplating the last day of my youth. When I was younger I always considered someone to be an adult when they reached 18, then I turned 18 and I wasn’t an adult at all. This pattern has carried on all of the way throughout my twenties until I finally realised that although I am never going to FEEL grown up, now that I am turning 30 and more importantly that I am now a mother I must definitely be one now, right?

Seeing as I am about to be all grown up n that, I thought I would impart some of the wisdom that I have accumulated over the past decade to help those struggling through this confusing age. Please see; 20 things I’ve learnt in my 20’s:

No one ever has their shit together. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how put together you seem on the outside, we are all a bunch of upright walking apes walking around confused and bumping into things.

Learn to drive. So many people told me not to worry about driving, that I could always cycle to work, but let me tell you now that unless your fitness levels are good just save yourself the agro and learn to drive as soon as you can. Sitting on a Yarmouth bound bus with the passenger behind belching in your ear is not fun. Want to save the environment? Buy an electric or a smart car.

If the situation seems bad it usually is, see also;

If people seem like arseholes, they usually are.

Take your vitamins

Scented toilet paper is soaked in chemicals that are actually carcinogenic, who knew?

Anyone that likens childbirth to being kicked in the balls needs to be kicked in the balls.

Being a mum is the best job in the world!

They lied to us in school and pushed us to do things that met their targets instead of helping children on an individual basis; I.e. strongly pushing people to go to University.

If you have a particular talent then you need to pursue it with every ounce of energy you can muster. 

1984 is really relevant. 

My preconceived ideas of adulthood were all completely wrong.

The timelines you give yourself as a teenager are never going to happen.

Its not acceptable to go into a club once you pass the age of 23, 25 at a push. You will tut at the 18 year olds running around jirating on each other and then the realisation at you are now a grumpy old bastard will hit you like a brick wall.

Take as many pictures as possible. Ignore anyone that mocks you for it as they’ll be the ones without memories to look back through.

There are a lot of false niceties in adulthood. This may be due to my likely place on the spectrum but I struggled with this for a long time. Sincerity can be quite rare.

You make your own luck. If you don’t adopt the dog eat dog mentality you are likely to be taken advantage of.

But also be friendly, you never know what amazing friends you will make out of strangers.

Baths are great. As are naps.

Your little home bubble is the most important thing in the World ❤️

There are many more things that I could probably add but I will leave it for now as I have a hankering for toast and gallons of peanut butter.

See you when I’m older x

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