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My Top Five from March 2018

March was a mixed month in terms of weather, productivity and most prominently my diet (which was bad). My top five from 2018 are the things that I've taken from last month amidst the delayed Spring and my stagnation in writing:

Tony Robbins I've spent a decent amount of my lunch hours watching Tony Robbins on Netflix whilst I shovel porridge into my mouth and grasp for some kind of inspiration. His documentary is the visual equivalent of Chicken Soup for the Soul and its one of my very unguilty guilty pleasures. Food

Honestly, I have never eaten so much in my entire life. After giving up smoking last November I have slowly started to pile on the pounds. The long Easter weekend saw me eat the following: a three course meal at a local Turkish restaurant, waffles covered in sausages and BBQ sauce, a family buffet, a Sunday fry up followed by a roast dinner and a Chinese takeaway. Keep your eyes peeled for some inevitable posts centered around dieting and possible vegetarianism.

Queer Eye If you haven't watched it yet then i'd definitely get on it. The whole series is on Netflix now and I even found my boyfriend to be a little bit addicted to it. So much so he came home with a short sleeved shirt. Thrift stores AKA charity shop shopping. In one month I've managed to buy half a library and some designer clothes for absolute pennies. With my slight obsession with entrepreneurship at the moment this has been amazing. Books on the subject that would usually cost a fortune on the high street are sitting on my shelf for next to nothing.

I began using my camera again Since last Summer I have found myself perpetually tired and struggling to do anything that I love outside of work. I finally gained some closure on my mental health and it's like a cloud has suddenly lifted. I've started taking pictures again and I've even started to clear out some of my closet (now anyone who knows me knows how rare that is). I'm looking forward to longer nights and more photo opportunities so I can share them with you throughout 2018.

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