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It's always snowing in East Anglia

Every snow day without fail my mother would enter my bedroom and rip open the curtains and exclaim 'IT'S SNOWING!' or 'SNOW'S BEEN!' Snow for me signified something magical akin to Santa visiting overnight. You would close your eyes and open them to a completely different world. My Year 1 teacher used to keep us kids in check using the same kind of magic. It takes a special type of person to have such an invention as a magical sweet jar that keeps growing sweets in the cupboard overnight. If we were exceptionally well behaved that day we were allowed to a pick a sweet from the magical sweet jar. It was the highest of accolades and a gold star never had a chance of holding that much glory.

It seems though we've forgotten who we were back then. In one of my previous posts Where did all the magic go? I spoke on this subject. It's something that I think about constantly but this week has really shone a light on what we are collectively lacking in as a society. As i'm sure all of you in the UK are aware, we are currently being battered by a storm aptly named 'The Beast from the East.' That phrase in itself fills me with glee, however every time I just up at the window to see how much snow has fallen I can hear a low groan from everyone around me. It turns out that as an adult you are supposed to hate snow. It causes you inconvenience, its cold, its wet... to be honest I'm really running out of negatives about it because all I see when I look outside is the magic of my mother yelling about the coming of the weather.

We've become a nation of complainers. I'm guessing this is probably due to the fact that liking things and being overtly positive has never been fashionable and even more so in British society where we bond out of mocking one another and more importantly through sarcasm. Every time (which is most of the time) I hear someone complaining around me it chips away at me and saps my energy, and it's addictive! See, i'm even complaining about complaining!

Maybe it takes going through a thousand storms to make you appreciate the snow, and i'm not expecting everyone to be positive all of the time; no one is a God, but next time its snowing why not be like Jeremy Corbyn out on his balcony today having a snowball fight. Pick out the good parts of your day when you relay it back to your partner. Take photographs and really learn to appreciate what's around you.

You know how they have those unhealthy food posters offering healthy alternatives to bingeing on cheese and wine every evening? Well here are some happiness swaps for some the every day basic moans and groans of the average adult:

"It's snowing outside, great i'll have to get up early and de-ice my car"

How about...

"Brilliant! I'm going to Snapchat the hell out of this snow whilst the car's warming up, plus I get my make a fire tonight!"

Second example:

"Oh no it's Spring, guess that means my hayfever is going to be really bad"

Really? Or maybe;

"Yasss Spring! I better take my antihistamines cause I'm gonna go to some gardens and eat some cake an old lady named Brenda made."

Does that come across as condescending? I don't care. Stop making excuses for being miserable.

Towns like the one I live in would have so much potential if there was only a shift in the general mindset. Let's all start to make that happen now in any way that we can.

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