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Three Six Five

Sometimes things happen in our lives that profoundly change who we are. Though they are all fragments of a reality that exists only in our memories and the stories that we regurgitate to our friends, they create a patchwork quilt of our collective pasts and the legacy that we leave for others. I've been struggling somewhat since last year to found subject matter to talk about. With my life being a whirlwind of change everything that I wrote was attached to the emotions that I was feeling, I've been desperate to get back into the habit of writing on a regular basis, hence Three Six Five was born.

The premise behind it of course is very simple. It is a carbon copy of a trend that has gone on for years, and one that I first saw on Tumblr about 9 years ago. Every day for 365 days I will post a photograph. That's it. Now to most people this seems like a pretty simple task and sure it is if your intention isn't to make any profit or growth off of your current project. I however have been absorbing a great deal of Gary Vaynerchuk and Simon Sinek this past month (among'st others) and see no reason not to monetize off of this particular venture it the opportunity presents itself.

So get ready to welcome me back into the land of the blogging.

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