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Where did all the magic go?

(Taken from my Wordpress blog)

Do you remember the feeling of coming downstairs on Christmas morning and the overwhelming sensation that something magical had just occurred? Your five year old self retracing the footsteps of an overweight man who had just been down your parent’s chimney to leave you gifts?

Being an adult, this is admittedly now an odd concept. Seeing and understanding the darker sides of life is something that kills the magic in our lives. No longer is Santa a cute idea, truthfully the idea of sitting on a strange man’s old knee creeps me out a little bit.

Most people can happily go through life without ever having that feeling again. They fein happiness through drugs and alcohol, using it as a mask to hide the void that the magic once filled. Personally I can not just sit back contently and let life pass me by in that manner. Yolo and all of that right? Well last weekend I managed to catch a sparkle of that magic. I went to Harry Potter studios. I cried. I ran around from set to set. I spent half an hour in the gift shop buying a fridge magnet. Everyone on the tour seemed to be enjoying themselves though I wondered if they had the same feeling as they turned the corner on to Platform 9 3/4:

Did they feel Christmas?

I certainly did.


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